Spring has Sprung – Time to Recharge

Welcome the season of removal and renewal. As you’re cleaning out your closets, clearing brush, working in the garden, take time to ramp up your professional skills. There’s no better time (especially if you’ve let your New Year’s resolutions slip away) to remake your commitment to continuous improvement. Start with the easy stuff. Read those books that are collectingContinue reading Spring has Sprung – Time to Recharge

Getting Back in Gear

Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep up enthusiasm for anything, let alone work. Some folks have the capacity to approach every day as a new adventure, while others struggle to muster even the smallest amount of enthusiasm. If you’re one of those folks or somewhere in between, read on. Here are some tips forContinue reading Getting Back in Gear

Feedback: How It’s Done

In continuing our theme of providing feedback, let’s take a look at some basic principles of how to do it more effectively. It’s pretty easy to get up the courage to dole out some developmental feedback when someone screws up, and many folks feel good about delivering positive feedback when they catch someone doing somethingContinue reading Feedback: How It’s Done