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Perfection is a Delusion

Seeking perfection is an act of pointlessness, uselessness, and futility. When we seek perfection, we spend (read “waste”) so much time trying to squeeze one last drop of innovative content to create the most amazing, never to be duplicated, unconquerable product, service, or idea. Whether it is a gadget, a widget, a product, or aContinue reading Perfection is a Delusion

Which Role Will You Play Today?

You’re reading the latest novel and suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re completely blindsided by the way the hero in the story behaves. What the heck just happened? Why did she do that? Doesn’t she know better? Well, maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t. It’s hard to say with the limited information you have. SoContinue reading Which Role Will You Play Today?

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Reinvent an Old Routine

Life can sometimes feel like just a string of routines that we do over and over every single day. You hit the alarm, you get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, or do thirty minutes of exercise and THEN shower, shave, makeup, get dressed, devour a quick breakfast, and then go to work. OnceContinue reading Reinvent an Old Routine