All services are designed to be built or customized to your specifications.
Please review our specialty services below and feel free to inquire about how we can design the perfect service or event just for you.


Executive Coaching

Accountability Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Creating the Customer Experience

Communication Excellence

Legendary Leadership


The Heart of Hospitality

Speak to Inspire

Anatomy of a Leader

What My Clients Say…

I have had the privilege of engaging with Jimmy on a coaching basis to assist me in coming up with ways to overcome a productivity barrier. Jimmy’s natural, engaging style makes it feel like you’re working with a long-time friend, as opposed to someone who is tactically trying to “check a box” through a coaching process. Top notch listening and questioning skills force you to dive deep to find clarity and answers that, left alone, would likely not be found.
Definitely worth your time to engage.

Paul S.

Schedule a complimentary discovery session

During this time, you may ask any questions about the process.
And if you choose, I will coach you briefly on any topic you are moved to bring up,
so that we can both discern if my coaching is aligned with your needs.

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