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Episode 89: Unlocking Clear Skies on Cloudy Days Part 2 Unlock the Shortcut

We’ve all had them. Dark, dank, depressing cloudy days. And they always seem to come at the worst possible time. You wake up late, you have to skip breakfast, you run into heavy traffic, aaand you’re late for your important meeting. Ugh. Why does it all happen at once?Let’s face it, no matter how wonderful life is, we all have days that aren’t sunshine and unicorns. In our last episode we looked at the first two parts of executing a Blue-Sky Paradigm – Determining what the particular cloud is and then moving to gain a new perspective.Today we look at the remaining three practices of the Blue-Sky Paradigm. Let’s get started.Make it RAIN. Sometimes your thoughts, feelings, and mood can be especially challenging to deal with. And when it’s more than you can bear, you might want to pour down a heavy rain of judgment on your problems to drown them out. But how can we do that productively? Full transcript can be found here: more about Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching: #jglenos #unlocktheshortcut #leadnsucceed #leadershipcoaching #mentalfitnesscoaching #executivecoaching 
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