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Episode 98: It's Moving Day! Unlock the Shortcut

Pack up all your troubles because today is moving day!It’s time to move from your current state of being to the one you’ve been hoping for, and maybe even dreaming about. Maybe you’re wallowing around in the wasted space of lethargy. Maybe you’re enduring the massive burden of overwhelm trying to balance the demands at work and at home. Or maybe you’re stuck in the gripping fear of moving into the challenging and uncomfortable space of that new business venture you’ve been contemplating for months.Whatever your worry, trouble, fear, or apprehension, today is the day you rid yourself of those unhelpful, limiting, even debilitating thoughts and feelings.Full transcript can be found here: more about Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching: #jglenos #unlocktheshortcut #leadnsucceed #leadershipcoaching #mentalfitnesscoaching #executivecoaching
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