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Episode 86: Unlocking Positivity in a Negative World Unlock the Shortcut

Hello and welcome to Unlock the Shortcut. I’m Jimmy Glenos, the Life & Leadership Locksmith. Today we are going to unlock how to generate more positivity in a negative world. We are up against some pretty strong forces here, so we are going to need a powerful counterattack. Are you ready? I’ve got the keys. C’mon, let’s unlock the shortcut.Positivity is the practice of being, or tendency to be, positive or optimistic in thoughts, attitude, and actions. It is also being calm and composed, finding peace and passion, and generating energy and enthusiasm.This sounds like a beautiful way to live and sometimes we can actually find ourselves in this blissful state. But usually, it doesn't last as long as we’d like. Why? Because we are surrounded by a lot of negativity in our everyday lives. Full transcript can be found here: more about Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching: #jglenos #unlocktheshortcut #leadnsucceed #leadershipcoaching #mentalfitnesscoaching
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