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Episode 103: Robots Are Still Just Tools Unlock the Shortcut

In the last episode, we talked about the history of automation, computing, and artificial intelligence. We’ve come a long way from Hephaestus and Pygmalion. And we’ve seen computers get the upper hand when it comes to games like chess and Jeopardy.But what comes next, and how do we cope with change in the age of disruption?The great news is you can be a part of this disruption. In fact, you should make it a point to purposefully be a part of the disruption. Your future as an entrepreneur, a leader, or business owner may depend on it.Not trying to be all doom and gloom, but seriously, you need to get on board the AI Train.If you’re new to all this, I’m going to give you a couple of shortcuts to make the transition to AI and ChatGPT more understandable. And if you’ve already started using ChatGPT, these shortcuts will help you produce more powerful outcomes.Are you ready? Let’s get started!Full transcript can be found here: more about Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching at #jglenos #unlocktheshortcut #leadnsucceed #leadershipcoaching #mentalfitnesscoaching #executivecoaching #podcast
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