So You Wanna Be Your Own Boss

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If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know what it means to be your own boss. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you think you want to be your own boss.

So let’s look at this charming little phrase for a moment.

Be your own boss. What does that even mean?

So many of us think how wonderful it would be to have our own business so we can “be our own boss.” It sounds awesome, right?

  • You get to come to work when you want.
  • You get to take breaks whenever you want.
  • You can go on vacation whenever you want.
  • You get to dress in your pajamas or sweats all day if you want.
  • You get to do things just the way you like them.
  • You get to set your own priorities.
  • You get to set your own agenda.
  • You get to set your own goals.

No one has to tell you anything ever again. Pure bliss!

Or is is?

Sure, on the face of it, this all sounds amazing and empowering and autonomous. What more could you want in work and life? Well, let me tell you something.

That business is not going to run itself! You need to be the boss! You need to be YOUR boss!

Yes, you have the flexibility to set your own agenda.
And you must have the discipline to stick to it.

Yes, you have the power to set your own goals.
And you must have the discipline to ensure they are achieved.

Yes, you have the authority to take breaks and vacations as you see fit.
And you must take responsibility to make sure the work is providing for those vacations.

Yes, you have the latitude to delay projects that are not quite ready yet.
And you must hold yourself accountable to ensure that your projects do not fall off the production line.

These are high standards. And they should be. You’re a demanding boss. At least you are at work with your direct reports.

But how are you as an entrepreneur? Or as a solopreneur, if that is the case? What standards to you hold yourself to? How do you perform as your OWN boss?

  • Do you set yourself up for success on a daily basis? If so, how do you do that? And if not, why not?
  • Do you recognize yourself when you put in a full day’s work? If so, how do you do that? If not, why not?
  • Do you demand more from yourself than you would of others? If so, how do you build up your drive and ambition to go further each day? And if not, why not?

These are things that we typically think about and do for and with those who work for us in the workplace. We are caring and empathetic to others’ needs, and we are tough when things are sluggish.

That’s what it means to be a boss. So how do you treat yourself as your own boss?

Do you work both sides? Do you praise when it is warranted? Do you provide feedback and critique when needed? Do you cut some slack if you see things are getting a little stressful? And do you push and motivate when things look a little too easy?

Being the boss is never easy, and being your own boss can be the toughest job of all.

So if you want to be your own boss, start acting like one. Don’t let yourself off easy just because you can. Don’t push yourself so hard that you can’t enjoy your work and your life. Don’t procrastinate just because there is no one else to answer to. Because that is a lie. You have to answer to you!

Set goals and then make sure you follow up on them. Create action steps and keep yourself accountable each day. Remember to show yourself some kindness throughout the week, and remember to fuel your engine when you start feeling lazy or lackadaisical.

Being your own boss means being your own boss, so act like a boss and follow these three tips.

  1. Have an open door policy and really enforce it. Take time for self-care, take a break when you’re stressing out, take a step back and review what’s going on internally and externally.
  2. Manage by walking around. Get up from your desk and walk the room, see if your desk is too cluttered, make sure you have the right tools, ask yourself if what you need help with, and then research and provide it.
  3. Create a culture of accountability. Set goals that are bold and still achievable, prepare each day by making a list of must-do actions or accomplishments, and consistently refer to your lists to stay focused and on track.

Like I said before, being your own boss won’t be easy, hell It’s likely the hardest thing you’ll ever do in life, but it will also be the most rewarding.

So you still wanna be your own boss? Great! Then start acting like one!

Your Mindful Moment:

It takes a great idea to start a business. It takes guts determination, and hard work to be your own boss.

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