Are You Taking Your Vitamins?

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You’re getting ready to close business for the day and you’re feeling a little sluggish. You’re not terribly tired, but you are feeling like you could have brought a little more something to your staff, your meetings, your customers.

You didn’t lose any sales or make anyone cry today but you can’t quite put your finger on what it was that was missing to make it a more meaningful and satisfying day.

Was it the two donuts for breakfast? Was it the not-so-healthy lunch you scarfed down at your desk like a hunchbacked ogre? Or maybe you forgot to take your vitamins this morning.

Not the ones you choke down with a tall glass of water. I’m talking about leadership vitamins. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

  • Approachability
  • Believability
  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm

You might be saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cute analogy but seriously? Take my vitamins?

Yes, these are the real lifeforce of building more trust, more revenue, and more impact in everyday encounters.

Let’s chew on each of these vitamins for just a bit.

First up, Vitamin A, Approachability. If you find that your staff, your customers, or even worse your spouse, partner, or kids are quick to run from you or don’t easily engage, you might be Vitamin A deficient.

Step one to becoming a great leader is to be approachable.

This means smiling even when you don’t feel like it. Being open to new ideas even when you think they are terrible. And meeting people where they are even if you think they should come to you.

Think about what Approachability means to those around you and emulate those behaviors.

Next up, Vitamin B, Believability. If you notice that people are suspicious of your motives or they don’t support you in your ideas, you might be deficient in Vitamin B.

Step two to becoming a great leader is to be believable.

This means being forthright even if you might hurt someone’s feelings. Keeping true to your word even if it requires extra effort or extra time. Standing up for an employee even if it means potentially losing a customer.

Think about what Believability means to others and behave in a genuine, trusting manner.

Next is Vitamin C, Compassion. If you observe that your staff, family, and friends do not confide in you or easily share what they’re feeling, you might be Vitamin C deficient.

Step three to becoming a great leader is to be compassionate.

This means serving others even when you believe they should be serving you. Supporting people even when you need some support yourself. Empathizing with employees even if you think they are being childish, needy, or just plain lazy.

Think about what Compassion means to others and show support when people need relief.

Next is Vitamin D, Determination. If you find yourself flagging in fortitude or losing your edge, you might be deficient in Vitamin D.

Step four to becoming a great leader is to be determined.

This means going the extra mile even when you are exhausted of energy or ideas. Trusting the process even when things look fruitless or ineffective. Staying focused even when tempting distractions cross your path.

Think about what Determination means to you and stick to your set routines to reach your goals.

And finally, Vitamin E, Enthusiasm. If you find that your team is not interested in supporting new initiatives or even a company party, you might be lacking the required daily allowance of Vitamin E.

Step five to becoming a great leader is to be enthusiastic.

This means being optimistic even when goals are not being met. Bringing positive energy even when morale is falling off the charts. Encouraging others even when they aren’t delivering their best effort.

This does not mean being falsely optimistic. Nor does it mean cheering on poor behavior. Being a great leader requires critical discernment of conditions and performance. Deal with these accordingly, but always show Enthusiasm when it is appropriate and warranted.

Think about what Enthusiasm means to others and bring ample energy to all encounters and endeavors.

Take a moment to look in your daily pill planner to see which vitamins you take each day.

Approachability, Believability, Compassion, Determination, and Enthusiasm? They’re all essential to the healthy diet of a legendary leader. Miss any one of them and you risk performing at your absolute best.

So, how will you ensure you’re taking your vitamins every day? How will you choose to express each of them in your daily encounters with others? And how will you reflect these qualities back to yourself when you need a dose of compassion, support, trust, or encouragement?

Understand that these vitamins provide the greatest effectiveness when they are put to use daily. Consistency is the key to building a robust business, reliable relationships, and optimal outcomes.

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