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Have you ever wondered what a life coach, an executive coach, or a leadership coach does?

Do they consult, mentor, train, guide, counsel, cheer?

What is it that coaches actually do? Well, different coaches do different things and some of those I’ve just listed. You may have also heard that coaches don’t have any of the answers, but they do have all the right questions.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard to imagine paying someone to just sit there and listen and every few minutes ask an “empowering question.”

“I’ve got friends and family and a therapist that can do all that for me, Mr. Shortcut Man.” I hear you, you do.

The problem is friends and family don’t sit quietly and listen. They want to give you advice and tell you it’ll be alright. And your therapist wants to know where this is all coming from, and they’ll have you looking all the way back into your twisted and tormented childhood.

Ok, we’re not all coming from a twisted and tormented childhood. But some of us are, and those folks really could seek the help of a good therapist.

Coaches on the other hand? We’re more like travel agents. Because coaches help you find the best destinations that fit your needs and wants. If you want to go to Bali, we help you go to Bali. If you want to get a promotion, we help you get that promotion. And if you aren’t quite sure where you want to go, we help you figure out what the best destination will be for you.

Coaches do that through a systematic method of questioning which of course I cannot divulge because that would be like a magician explaining the trick. And then we’d all be magicians.

Could you imagine if all of us were magicians?  Sounds like a nightmare. So, let’s not go there.

Coaches do, in fact, like to ask questions. And that is how we help our clients find their best destinations. We ask the right questions at the right time to inspire deep thought and insight. We help you uncover things you’ve never thought of before.

I like to call it, “carving clarity out of chaos”.

This is the number one reason people hire a travel agent and the number one reason people hire a coach. They are seeking to divine insight out of obscurity. They want to know they are on the right track. They want to be sure they have a plan that will work for them as they wade through the murky waters of life. And coaches are great at supporting people through these ambiguous journeys.

So, what else can a coach do for you? Well, just like a travel agent, we’ve done a lot of research and visited several destinations ourselves, so we know exactly what to look out for. But we also know that you have your own way of traveling and exploring, so we won’t tell you about our wonderful trips or our mistakes and mishaps. That would be presumptuous and very uncoachlike.

What we will do, because we know there could be all sorts of opportunities and obstacles, is ask you to imagine what you think might be a best case and a worst-case scenario. A good coach probably won’t ask in those direct terms, but you will get a much better picture of what you’re seeking to achieve on your journey to your destination and how to adapt and pivot if or when you hit some bumpy patches in your travels.

Another way coaches are like travel agents is that we don’t get on the flight with you. We don’t travel as a passenger or a plus one. We know it is your journey and you have to get on the plane and ride to your next stop and ultimately touch down at your final destination.

The other reason people hire travel agents is that they want to know that someone is going to support them if things go sideways along the trip. And that is exactly what a coach does too.

We might not be on the flight with you, but we are there for you at each stop along the way. It’s like having a welcoming party every time you land. Each coaching session is another stop on your journey, where you can celebrate the wins you’ve achieved so far and think about what comes next on your journey. Now that is phenomenal service.

When was the last time your travel agent picked you up at the airport and got you ready for your next flight?

Exactly never.

You want to know what else a coach does for you that a travel agent doesn’t? They help you pack before you set off on your journey! In fact, coaches help you unpack too!

We are here to make sure you carry the right clothes, the right attitude, and the right tools you’re going to need to be successful in your travels. We help you build your packing list, revise it as new insights emerge, and then reframe and summarize so you feel comfortable and confident that you have all you need to arrive safely and successfully at your final destination.

When it’s all said and done, coaches are probably the best travel agents in the world. We help you define your destination, we help you pick out and pack your best looks, we support you each leg of the way, and we help you celebrate every successful accomplishment, big or small, so you feel amazing and empowered throughout your entire journey.

So how are you going to decide what your next destination is going to be? How will you find the right travel agent (I mean coach) to help you prepare and feel supported in your personal and professional travels? And how will you learn to celebrate everything you do in your amazing journey in life, love, and leadership?

If you’re seeking to embark on a new destination, consider who you want by your side. The options are many, but the selection is key. Find the person who fits your style, your attitude, and will support you every step of the way.

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