Spring has Sprung – Time to Recharge

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Welcome the season of removal and renewal. As you’re cleaning out your closets, clearing brush, working in the garden, take time to ramp up your professional skills. There’s no better time (especially if you’ve let your New Year’s resolutions slip away) to remake your commitment to continuous improvement.

Start with the easy stuff.

  • Read those books that are collecting dust. (Read at least one chapter before you turn on the television.)
  • Get a subscription to HBR, Fast Company, Forbes etc. (Read at least one article before dinner.)
  • Listen to a leadership podcast like HBR IdeaCast, The Look and Sound of Leadership, Manager Tools.

If you’re still craving more (or you’re already doing these), consider these growth options.

  • Become a mentor at work or at a local chapter of a professional group.
  • Write your own blog.
  • Take up a new hobby…and stick with it.
  • Volunteer.

Renewing interests and reinvigorating your brain to new ideas and concepts will keep you in top form personally and professionally. Getting outside of your routine will boost creativity and widen your circle of influence. Do just a little bit each day and you’ll be surprised how much you’ve accomplished in just a few months. Go ahead, get going and get growing.

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