5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn (Part 2)

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We continue our five part series on 5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn. Last time we learned how to create a great head shot for your profile picture on LinkedIn. Today, we are going to learn why it’s important to write a memorable headline, and how to do it.

Your headline is typically used to announce your position at your current job, but it can be so much more. Think of your headline just like the ones on magazine and newspaper covers…or those horrible chumboxes at the end of every online article. They’re short, clever, intriguing phrases that get you to read more. That’s our goal today. Not to write chumbox material, but to write a LinkedIn headline that grabs attention and compels people to read your profile.

There are two approaches to get the attention you want and deserve: getting found and getting noticed. The great news is, they can even work together.

  1. First, let’s talk about getting found in the vast LinkedIn universe. Understand that LinkedIn is essentially a search engine just like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Bing. So, you need to use the same keywords that search engines use to deliver the most relevant results. Do this by researching job offerings, job trends, and other people’s profiles.
    1. If you’re looking for a job, or just keeping your profile current, you can search the job sites, like CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed. You’ll find all the open positions that employers are currently posting. Write down the titles that come up over and over again. Those are the strongest keywords, because those are the most used.
    2. After that, you can search job trends in a couple of ways: Google trends and Indeed job trends. Both sites display a history of job popularity over the last few years. You may find these helpful in understanding what career options are most in demand and which ones are becoming more popular.
    3. Now if you want to see what works best on LinkedIn, use the headline comparison tool. Seriously, it’s a thing. You can quickly see other people’s headlines and refine that list by industry, location, and more. Be sure to look at your 2nd and 3rd level Connections. You’re likely to find some high profile influencers with some very effective headlines. Take notes on the ones that you like and hang on to them for current and future use. (You might find a few inspirational headlines to guide you in your career development. I mean, you’re not going to be doing the same job forever. Shoot for the moon!)
  2. Now, while keywords will increase your chances of being found, your distinctive headline will maximize your chances of being noticed! Remember the purpose of this podcast is to create a memorable headline. And just like newspapers and magazines…and those chumboxes, we intend to grab people’s attention and then compel them to read more.
    1. Consider less about what you are, and more about what you offer. Imagine you are on an interview. Think of your best attribute or characteristic. Write what makes you stand out in a crowd. Write about your ideal self. The image you aspire to.
    2. Unleash your inner artist or novelist. For instance, let’s say you work in the healthcare industry as an LPN or RN. And you really like working with seniors in the geriatric field. You could make your headline read: Senior Care Superstar. Or maybe you work in Payroll. Your headline could read: Paying People with Personality and Positivity.
    3. While those might be a little corny, but it’s ok to be creative and a little clever. Using this technique, you may not always show up in a recruiter’s keyword search, but if you apply for a job and the employer checks your profile, you’re sure to be remembered. Whatever you do, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be authentic. Be yourself!

To recap, search jobs, trends, and other people’s headlines to get found. And use a little creativity and poetry to express your inner greatness.

You’ve got just 120 characters to tell the world what you bring to the table! Don’t blow it.

Next time we’ll talk about one of the most powerful features in LinkedIn – adding multimedia to your summary.

Until then, remember, if you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, write a headline that gets people hooked in.

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