5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn (Part 3)

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Today we are going to look at one of the least used features in LinkedIn – the Media area of  the About section near the top of your profile. You may have a great head shot and a compelling headline, but there is so much more you can do to amp up your LinkedIn profile.

One of the reasons you’re on LinkedIn is to show everyone just how great you are. You write about your past jobs, you write about your assignments in those jobs, and you write about the great outcomes you’ve achieved. But why just write about it, when you can say it with pictures, slideshows, movies, and more. Using multimedia to showcase your accomplishments is one of the best ways to let the world see exactly what you can deliver.

Think about it. Which one leaves a greater impression? A movie review or the movie itself? Of course the movie is more memorable, more stimulating, and more talked about. And your LinkedIn profile should be just the same. More memorable, more stimulating, and more talked about. Just like a movie stimulates the eyes, the ears, and the brain, your profile needs compete at that same level.

That’s why it is critical to leverage LinkedIn’s multimedia functionality. LinkedIn allows you to link out to websites, blogs, YouTube, or anywhere else on the Internet. It also lets you upload documents, photos, and presentations directly from your computer.

This is your chance to display the work you are really proud of. Remember when you were in third grade and how excited you were to show off your science project of the exploding volcano or the stages of a plant growing from seed to flower? Embrace building your profile with the same enthusiasm. Think of your best projects, your best work, and post to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever. Just get it all out there and then link to it through your LinkedIn profile.

With all these great photos, presentations, and movies embedded into your profile, your page will grab people’s attention and get them wanting to learn more about you. You’ll look like a rock star because your profile will stand out from the rest. Don’t let potential recruiters and employers read and decide whether you’re as good as you say you are. Show them you are with your greatest accomplishments.

When you add multimedia to your profile, you show people two things. One, you are curious to learn more about your environment and the tools you use, and two, that you are competent using current technology. These are two of the most important attributes employers look for when they source and recruit candidates. People who are competent and curious are the most desirable hires. They are good at what they do and they are always trying to improve their performance. Be that candidate and get the job you really want!

Next time we’ll consider the impact of writing a blog on LinkedIn.

Until then, stop telling people how great you are and show them with photos, slideshows, movies, and more, because your actions will always speak louder than your words.

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